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Focus on Success


· Come to school with a positive  attitude

· Come to school every day

· Be on time

· Do not leave early

· Come prepared to learn

· Dress for success

· Be in dress code everyday

· Be respectful to your teachers, peers, and substitutes

· Wear your student ID everyday

How to be Successful in Middle School

General Expectations: Teachers and staff expect all students to be successful while at Taft Middle School. To be successful you will need to follow these guidelines in each class.


1. Always Be Prepared

  • Bring supplies and books to class daily
  • Complete homework and assignments on time.
  • Arrive to class on time.
  • Use the bathroom before class.


2. Be A Good Listener

  • Wait for the right time to ask questions/make comments.
  • Raise hand to ask a question.
  • Wait patiently before being acknowledged as having a question.
  • Take turns speaking.
  • Stay in your seat until the teacher gives you permission to move around.


3. Be Respectful

  • Treat school staff and other students with respect.
  • The world is full of differing opinions.  Enjoy the diversity.
  • Listen without interrupting.
  • Use proper classroom behavior. 
  • Cell phones will be confiscated if out during class.  Taft follows the APS                    cell phone policy.
  • Treat school materials/property with respect.
  • Use appropriate and acceptable language.


4. Work Independently

  • Do your own work. It is better to make a mistake and learn from it.
  • Put your FIRST and LAST name on all of your assignments.
  • Mindless copying accomplishes nothing in the end.
  • Keep track of your assignments.
  • Be organized.  Parents check backpacks and planners nightly.
  • Ask your teachers for help.


5.  Expect Homework 

  • You can usually expect some type of homework every night from at least one or more classes. 
  • Expect vocabulary, memorization, and writing assignments, and reading. 
  • Students should all read at least 30 minutes every night including holidays.


Your support is needed to help your child be successful in Middle School. 

· Check your child’s agenda for homework assignments

· Contact your child’s teachers when needed

· Create a Parent Vue account to monitor your child’s academics and grades

· Be active in your child’s education

· Bring your children to school every day on time

· Encourage your child to be at his or her best behavior

· Talk to your children about doing the right thing at all times even when no one is watching