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Photo Permissions

Many programs, activities and events taking place in APS are of interest to the public. From time to time we produce or allow to be produced, photographs and video recorded programs to provide information to the public and school community. In addition, newspaper coverage sometimes feature our classes and activities. When any such video tape, film, or photograph is produced and released, it becomes the property of the party to whom it is released and it may be replayed or reprinted at a later date. We also may display student projects, art work, literary writings and photos on our web page, located at www.taftms.aps.edu. Students are also sometimes video recorded and interviewed for various student video productions.

Please sign below to give your permission to include your child in photographs, films, and/or recordings.
We appreciate your helping us present our students and programs to the community.
I have read and understand the statements above and I give my permission for my student to be:
Photographed, Videotaped and or Recorded

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