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Computer User Agreement

As a Taft Middle School student, your child may be offered the experience of using the Internet as a research tool and educational resource. The Internet, while a powerful instrument for gathering information, has areas which may be deemed inappropriate for your student to view.
Taft faculty and staff will make every effort to insure that your child’s access to the Internet is educationally appropriate and meets guidelines established by APS (www.aps.edu). No faculty or staff member will knowingly allow a student to access inappropriate material. All students will be required to follow written or verbal directives provided by their teachers regarding appropriate Internet access. Access of personal e-mail or going in to chat rooms or web sites such as “My Space” is not permitted. If, at any time, your child does not follow these guidelines, Internet privileges will be revoked immediately and will not be reinstated without an administrator’s approval.
Additional consequences may be imposed.


I have reviewed this form with my student and: __ Yes, My child may use the internet at school
                                                                           __ No, My child may not use the internet at school


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