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Student Expectations

As a Taft Middle School student, I understand and agree to the following expectations for my behavior:

  1. __ I will attend school and all of my classes everyday, on time, unless I have a written excuse from a parent.

  2. __ I will bring all required supplies to class everyday, and my AGENDA and school ID will be with me at all times.

  3. __ I will complete all of my assignments to the best of my ability and turn them in on time. Furthermore, I understand that my classroom performance is my responsibility. If I do not understand an assignment or directions, I will ask my teacher for additional help.

  4. __ I will use my AGENDA daily to keep track of all assignments.

  5. __ I will practice Character Counts traits (listed in AGENDA) daily with peers and staff, and will refrain from any type of bullying, harassing, or disrespectful behavior.

  6. __ I will conduct myself in a manner which promotes the safety of others and myself at all times.

  7. __ I will adhere to all Albuquerque Public Schools and Taft Middle School policies and procedures.

  8. __ I will be respectful of school property and will not engage in vandalism of any kind.

  9. __ I will follow Albuquerque Public Schools and Taft Middle School dress code policy.

  10. __ I will follow Albuquerque Public Schools and Taft Middle School discipline policy.

  11. __ I will follow all instructions given by any staff member regarding school rules.

  12. __ I will carry my ID card at all times.

I understand that if I do not fulfill this contract, the consequences may include:

  1. Lunch detention

  2. Loss of privilege to participate in school activities

  3. Parent conference

  4. Short-term suspension out of school

  5. A hearing for possible long-term suspension

  6. Other consequence as assigned by an administrator

I realize that I can get assistance for my success at Taft Middle School from:

  • My family

  • My teachers

  • My school counselor

  • Tutoring or Homework Club

  • Homework Hotline (343-4300)

I have read and accept the Taft Middle School Discipline and Dress Code policies. I understand that my child’s failure to follow the above expectations could result in consequences that require private transportation. I further understand that this transportation will be my responsibility.

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