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Dress Code

The dress code policy at Taft Middle School complies with the APS Board of Education and District Dress Code Policy. The policy is designed to promote a positive, safe, and healthy learning environment. Student I.D.’s are required to be worn at all times while on campus. Student I.D.’s are also required to be visible at all times.

As a general rule, clothing that is excessively tight or revealing, over-sized, torn, shredded, gang-related, or that contains inappropriate messages or symbols, is unacceptable. No clothing that will distract from the educational process is allowed.

Please check with a school administrator if you are in doubt about an item that is not listed. Students who are out of compliance will be allowed to call home for a change of clothes before a violation is issued.

The Dress Code is in effect at all times while on campus and applies to all school related activities such as basketball games, field trips, etc. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for reviewing, following, and being aware of the dress code.

Special Note: The administrators have the discretion to determine what is appropriate and inappropriate attire. Also, they have the right to bar or remove from school those students whose personal appearance is disruptive to the educational process and the orderly operation of the school.

The APS District Behavior Handbook stipulates that interpretation of the school dress code is left to the administration.



I. Pants/Shorts (Boys and Girls)

  1. Solid colors only. NO decorations on pant legs. Loose Fit. Woven fabrics only, no knits.

  2. Short length MUST follow the Modesty Zone – top of knee.


    1. oversized (wide legs, excessive length – touching floor)

    2. dropped crotch, saggy, baggy pants, torn or shredded pants

    3. low rise

    4. pajama bottoms of any kind

    5. No Athletic Wear; sweat pants/shorts, bike/athletic shorts, “swishy”/nylon pants or shorts, jersey material

    6. spandex, tight fitting/immodest

    7. leggings as pants

    8. underwear showing

    9. “Skinny” jeans MUST BE loose fitting. Tight fitting skinny jeans ARE NOT allowed.



II. Skirts/Skorts (Girls)

  1. Solid colors only.

  2. Knee length.

  3. Knee length skirts may be worn with tights and leggings underneath.


    1. short skirts



III. Shirts (Boys and Girls)

  1. ONLY Taft t-shirts or Taft long-sleeved shirts with school logo.

  2. Collared polo, button down, or Oxford shirts with sleeves ONLY.


  4. Decorative garments are not allowed over required dress code shirts (Taft t-shirts, sweatshirts or polo shirts). Jackets, hoodies, etc. are allowed over shirts for warmth.

  5. Turtlenecks and/or cowlnecks are not allowed. Exception is when they are worn under a collared shirt.

  6. The outer shirt MUST cover any undergarments, i.e., undershirts, camisoles, etc. NO under layers may extend beyond the outer garment or above the buttons or below the hemline of the shirt.


    1. tight or oversized shirts

    2. tank tops, spaghetti straps, or muscle shirts

    3. see through or sheer fabric

    4. low-cut shirt necks of any kind, or camisoles worn alone

    5. any style showing midriff/skin

    6. smoking, alcohol, or drug symbolism or advertising

    7. writing/graphics that are suggestive, sexual, violent, disrespectful

    8. rubber bands or ties on the back of the shirt or sleeves are NOT Allowed

  8. NO GARMENT can be worn OVER your dress code shirt.

  9. Student I.D.’s are required to be worn at all times while on campus. Student I.D.’s are also required to be visible at all times.



IV. Accessories/Miscellaneous

  1. Shoes:

    1. Shoes must be worn at all times.

    2. Bedroom slippers (a soft sole) are never allowed.

    3. For safety reasons, flip-flops, backless shoes, platforms, high heels, and sandals are not allowed.

  2. Belts:

    1. No more than 2” excess is allowed. No hanging belts.

    2. No large buckles or inappropriate messages on belt or buckle are allowed.

    3. No “multiple belts”.

  3. Jackets/Coats:

    1. Jackets are discouraged while in class.

    2. If a jacket must be worn the clothing under the jacket /coat must be in compliance with the Taft Dress Code Policy.

    3. Hoods of jackets, sweatshirts, etc. are not to be worn inside the building.

  4. Jewelry:

    1. Any jewelry that is disruptive to the educational process is not allowed.

    2. Earrings can not be larger than 1 1/2 inches in diameter or length.

    3. No dog collar necklaces, spiked jewelry, chains, wallets on chains, or any accessories that can be construed as weapons.

    4. Facial and tongue jewelry are not allowed.

  5. Body Piercing:

    1. Pierced ears only.

    2. Facial (eye brow, nose, cheek, etc,) and tongue piercing are not allowed.

  6. Hair Styles:

    1. Students’ hairstyles must not be distracting or disruptive to the educational process.

    2. This includes distracting hair color. Unnatural hair color such as hot red, purple, pink, orange, blue, green, etc, are not allowed.

  7. Make-Up:

    1. Intense color or extreme design in make-up must not be distracting or disruptive to the educational process.

  8. Other Accessories:

    1. No hats.

    2. No sunglasses, hairnets, or bandanas.

    3. Absolutely no writing on backpacks, skin, or clothing.

    4. No tattoos, stickers, inappropriate buttons or appliqués are allowed on clothing or skin.

    5. Hoods and gloves are allowed as appropriate for cold weather outside only. 


V. Gang Related Dress

  1. No gang related clothing or jewelry. This includes gang affiliated colors and/or sportswear.

  2. No chains or spiked jewelry.

  3. No sunglasses, hairnets, hats, caps or bandanas.

  4. No long belts. Belts including the end of the belt must be in belt loops. No “wallet-to- pocket chains”.

  5. No “multiple belts”.

  6. No clothing or accessories which promote negative behavior (profanity, violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, bigotry, disrespect) or that is highly distractive, disruptive or immodest.

  7. Clothing is to fit properly, no oversized shirts or pants.

  8. Underwear is not to be visible.

  9. No wide leg, baggy, dropped crotch, saggy, or “Skaters” pants.

  10. No gang logos, graffiti and/or symbols on clothes, body or personal possessions that represent gang activity or lifestyle.