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Attendance Policy

Albuquerque Public Schools believes that opportunities for Academic Success are enhanced when students are ON TIME and IN ALL CLASSES DAILY. Excessive absenteeism, regardless of the reason, will negatively impact student academic achievement. For this reason APS has adopted a new policy regarding student attendance. The focus of the new policy is on unexcused absences. However, excessive absences of any kind are of concern.

♦ No more than five unexcused absences per semester
♦ No more than 10 unexcused absences per school year

5th Full Day Unexcused Absences:

Mail parent letter indicating student is truant as per state Public Education Department
Student and parent must attend Truancy Prevention program at school
Review intervention strategies and revise as needed
Record absences and interventions on discipline record

10th Full Day Unexcused Absences:

Mail parent 10th full day unexcused absence letter indicating student is a Habitual Truant as per state Public Education Department
Student will be referred to the APS Court Liaison
Absences and referrals are entered into student discipline records

Excused Absences are as follows:

  • Doctor appointments

  • Religious commitment

  • Death in the family

  • Illness

  • Family emergency

  • Diagnostic testing

  • School or college visit

Please remember to call the school anytime your child is absent and indicate the reason for absence. Family vacations are considered unexcused absences, and it is expected that parents will schedule vacations during school breaks.