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Staff List

Staff List


Sanchez, Therese Assistant Principal
Scully, Stephen Principal


Angel, Matthew Social Studies
Armijo, Michael Special Education
Brinson, Rosalind Special Education Language Arts/Social Studies
Butler, Wendy Teacher
Colhoun, Duncan Teacher
Cordell, Morgan PE/Social Studies 6
Cordova, Carla Algebra/Accelerated Math 6//Accelerated Math 7
Dearmond, Shelly English Language Arts - 8th grade
Decker, Dewette Science 6
Edwards, Darleene Teacher
Esquibel, Celina Special Education/Science
Gilbert, Chanel Teacher
Hardie, Oksana Math 7/8
Hickman, Joy Social Studies 6
Hill, Tyler Gifted Language Arts 6/7/8
Kiefer, Karen Social Studies 7
Legler, Utako ISP Classroom
Maldonado, Victor PE/Athletic Director
Mccrea, Jylena Language Arts 7
Mulcahy, Mitch Science 7
Ochoa, Renee ESL/READ 180/ Advisory
Padilla De Duran, Dolores Special Education
Padilla, Christina Special Education Math
Rich, Susan Teacher
Sanchez, Carlos Math 8
Sekot-duran, Anna Language Arts 6/Social Studies 6/ Advisory 6
Sutherland, Kim Art Teacher
Taylor, Louis Orchestra/Band
Terrien, Kimberly Math 6/7


De Mar, Jill Health Assistant
Diaz, Melissa Bookkeeper
Fachan, Margaret Special Education Head Teacher
Farquhar, Roberta Educational Assistant
Fritts, Maria Cafeteria Manager
Garcia, Mark Custodian
Gluck, Virginia Staff
Guerrero Montoya, Martin Custodian
Herrera, Margaret Educational Assistant
Horry, Jeanette Educational Assistant
Martinez, Melanie Counselor
Melendez, Roxana Custodian
Melendez-gonzalez, Mario Custodian
Monette, Lewis Staff
More, Kit Staff
Padilla, Kathy Educational Assistant
Traub, Heidi Staff

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620 Schulte Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107 (map)

Phone: (505) 344-4389
Fax: (505) 761-8440


Main Office Number 344-4389    
Fax Number 761-8440    
Attendance 344-4389 ext. 54896
Counselor 344-4389 ext. 54810
Special Education Office 344-4389 ext. 54835
School Nurse 344-4389 ext. 54808
School Resource Officer 344-4389 ext. 54803
Cafeteria 345-0862    
Library 344-4389 ext. 54822
APS Transportation 880-3989    
*APS Transportation supervises the following contracted bus companies.
Durham Bus 298-6831    
Lucero Bus 898-1454    
Herrera Bus 242-1108